Boat Storage

Out of The Water
And into Storage

It’s time to take your boat out of the water and move it into storage. More than likely, your garage can fit your vehicles and other belongings, but there definitely isn’t enough room for your boat, too. Boat garages, both stacked and not, make things too complicated and can get pricey. Storing your boat at a storage unit facility like Your Extended Attic is a great choice to store your boat in safety for an affordable price.

While we suggest indoor storage, Your Extended Attic offers both indoor and outdoor boat storage. For outdoor storage, we have spaces on our lot to park your boat for the winter. And if you don’t want to park your boat outside, we offer storage units large enough to fit your boat. Our 10 x 30 unit option is 300 square feet; the 300 square feet is considered “gigantic.” You will be able to store more than just your boat in that unit. If that isn’t large enough, many of our facilities offer a 10x40 unit.

In this article, we will cover indoor and outdoor boat storage, safety, and provide a checklist to make sure everything is taken care of.

Storing your boat indoors

Our largest unit size is 10 x 40 and could be the answer to storing your boat indoors.
In terms of household items, this size could easily hold an entire house worth of items. So it should fit your boat comfortably depending on the size of your boat.

Using indoor storage is the best option for your boat because of the protection from the harsh outside elements. In the winter months, using wet or dry storage can be damaging to your boat, even with a cover. Indoor storage provides the most protection from all the unfortunate weather but also security.

Before renting a unit, you need to know your boat’s exact dimensions and specifications. You don’t want to purchase a unit size that’s perfect for your boat in depth, but not in height.

Know your boat’s dimensions and give us a call to talk to a representative about which option is right for you.
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Prepare for Boat Storage


Before putting your boat in long-term storage, you need to prepare your boat to keep it in the best condition possible. To make this process simple and easy, we have listed a step-by-step process to prepare your boat for storage. These steps apply if you’re storing indoor or outdoor, but outdoor storage requires additional steps.

Boat Storage Checklist

1. Change the oil. After some time, oil will become acidic, which is horrible for your boat. Make sure you change the oil before you leave your boat unattended for an extended period of time.

2. Clean and check. Be sure to clean everything in and on your boat, including both the inside and outside. Dust and dirt left sitting will become permanent, and you definitely don’t want to ruin your boat by letting a mess stick around while it’s in long-term storage. Additionally, check your boat for anything that needs to be fixed. Make the calls and get the repair work needed before putting it into storage. This way you can get right back in the water when it’s time.

3. Use fogging oil. Over time, water is damaging to metal and will lead to rust. Use fogging oil to displace any moisture that would hurt your engine. This is incredibly important, especially with long-term stagnant storage.

4. Top off all fluids and gas. The changing weather will cause condensation to build up around your fluid containers. Fill up all containers and fluids to the top. You need to drain and rinse the possible water inside the containers.

5. Remove drive belts. The drive belts have constant pressure on them; it’s how they do their job. However, this pressure can lead to rips or breaks over time. Let the drive belts have a break and remove them while in storage.

6. Disconnect the battery. The battery will deplete over time if it’s constantly generating power to your boat, even when you’re not using it. While you keep your boat in storage, disconnect the battery to preserve energy. If not, you’ll most likely need to purchase a new battery when you take your boat out of storage.

7. Grease the steering wheel. Your boat’s steering can become very stiff while in storage. Take the time to grease the steering wheel (or other mechanism) to prevent the stickiness.

If you’re storing your boat outside, you’ll need to follow additional steps to protect your boat.

Outdoor storage checklist

1. Remove all electronics. Bad weather and harsh winters will damage your electronics. If possible, you should remove your electronics.

2. Use a cover. You must use a cover for your boat while it’s in storage. Without it, the sun, animals, weather, and more will damage your boat. This is absolutely a requirement for safety.

3. Cover your pipes. Animals are looking for somewhere to hide in the cold. Your exhaust pipe might just be big enough for them. Cover your pipes to make sure your engine doesn’t become home for an unwanted pest.

After Storage Checklist

Before you can take your boat back out on the water, you need to prepare and “reboot” after storage.

1. Uncover your pipes. To prevent things from getting inside your engine, you covered your pipes. Remove anything obstructing pipe exits.

2. Replace all electronics. Reconnect and reapply all electronics you previously disconnected and removed.

3. Reconnect the battery. Remember you disconnected the battery.

4. Check all fluids and gas. Although you filled everything back to top, evaporation and other elements can cause fluids to drain. Check and make sure nothing has drastically changed and that everything is in good condition.

5. Re-add drive belts. You removed the drive belts to ease the pressure and tension. Re-add the belts to your boat before removing it from storage.

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Unit Security

Your Extended Attic offers multiple layers of security including:

Camera Surveillance
Our cameras monitor and record activity on the facility. In the rare event someone makes an attempt to go after your things, we have safety precautions in place. We use camera security and take it seriously.
Professional Staff
We have staff members on site at the storage facility to work with you through anything you need. The safety of your belongings is their top priority. We take pride in creating a workplace of high moral. Meet some of our employees and hear what they have to say:
Outdoor storage facilities need lots of light. We use LED lights throughout our facilities to make sure the area is bright and accessible for you, no matter when you need to access the facility.

Gate Entry
Our storage facilities are not open for anyone to drive in and access. Each tenant gets their own unique gate code for entry.


We want to make sure you have peace of mind when using our storage facility.

Our Facility

Your Extended Attic provides security, access, and reassurance. We’re proud to have created a community of confidence in storage for our staff and our tenants.

Store your things with peace of mind.