Business Storage

Looking for a business storage solution?

You know your business needs more room. The filing cabinets are overflowing, and the closets just can’t hold anything else. You need more space and more places to put your documents and equipment, but you’re not sure if a business storage unit is the best answer. Using a storage unit is an affordable and convenient solution to keeping your business’s belongings in a safe place.

Your business might be like many others that look into buying additional office space to expand and grow. If you need storage for your equipment, supplies, or documents, take the safe and reasonable option that will save you money.

Your Extended Attic offers
storage solutions for your business.


What can your business store
at Your Extended Attic?

Do you have boxes and boxes of paper documents that you can’t get rid of, but the closet at the end of the hallway isn’t big enough anymore? It’s important to keep a clean and professional atmosphere at work. Decluttering and making space could boost productivity for every employee.
Many of our business tenants use our storage units for:

Paper Storage

Businesses store things like legal documents and records. They’re locked behind the storage unit door and require an access code on top of other layers of security like cameras and surveillance. 

Office Supplies

Company collateral can start piling up. Brochures, pens, and outdated flyers fill the shelves. Those things could be out of season, and many businesses need somewhere to put them. A storage unit is the answer.

Equipment Storage

Some businesses store large, unused equipment that isn’t needed for the time being. A secure, climate-controlled storage unit keeps your equipment safe and secure.

Small Business or Large Business

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large, medium-sized, or small business. When you need space, we give you options.  Your business storage unit could house merchandise, products, and more. For businesses without space in a back room, it’s important to have somewhere safe and accessible for your merchandise.

Park your company vehicles

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Your parking lot is meant for customers and employees. If you have company vehicles, do you want them to take up multiple spaces on your lot? At Your Extended Attic, we offer parking solutions for your company vehicles. Our drive-up storage unit facility is easily accessible for vehicles.

We have many locations; see which is the closest to your business.

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What Size is Right for my Business?

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If you’re not sure how much space you need, we provide a tool to help you find the right size storage unit. We’re here to make the process simple.
View our Size Guide
Our size guide walks you through 6 different options for storage units: tiny, small, medium, large, huge, and gigantic. Each space shows you the exact metrics offered and an example of what can fit inside. Sizes can range anywhere from storing just a few boxes to storing an entire truck inside… and then even more in the same storage unit.


Storing Paper Documents

Business storage

Several items require climate-controlled storage. Paper documents and electronics are at the top of the list. Make sure you get a climate-controlled unit for your items if you’re storing paper or equipment. 

Check for these other items that require climate-controlled storage:

  • Antiques
  • Anything with leather or other fabrics
  • Anything with wood
  • Artwork
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Household items like makeup and toiletries
  • Mattresses
  • Musical instruments
  • Paper documents, books, magazines, etc.
  • Photographs
  • Vinyl Records​​​​​​​
See our guide for climate-controlled storage units:
View Climate Controlled Units

What safety precautions does
Your Extended Attic offer?

Your Extended Attic offers multiple layers of security including:

Camera Surveillance
Our cameras monitor and record activity on the facility. In the rare event someone makes an attempt to go after your things, we have safety precautions in place. We use camera security and take it seriously.
Professional Staff
We have staff members on site at the storage facility to work with you through anything you need. The safety of your belongings is their top priority. We take pride in creating a workplace of high moral. Meet some of our employees and hear what they have to say:
Outdoor storage facilities need lots of light. We use LED lights throughout our facilities to make sure the area is bright and accessible for you, no matter when you need to access the facility.

Gate Entry
Our storage facilities are not open for anyone to drive in and access. Each tenant gets their own unique gate code for entry.


We want to make sure you have peace of mind when using our storage facility.


Our Facility

Your Extended Attic provides security, access, and reassurance. We’re proud to have created a community of confidence in storage for our staff and our tenants.

Store your things with peace of mind.